About me

I guess this is where my CV goes. In short, I am a CELTA qualified teacher of English. I am also a writer and an editor. I am trying to make it work so that I spend the winter months in better climates because I also have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In the summer I forget that I have SAD and enjoy London where I have lived for a long time. In the winter I lose the plot and it is better if I don't live in London and so in  September I will probably be in Spain.

I live in Nunhead which is famous for having one of those old Victorian cemeteries and not much else. I love where I live because it is small, has a proper high street with independent baker, butcher and fishmonger and it is still up and coming. It is also home to a lot of creative and healing folk. Nunhead is sandwiched between Peckham and Brockley with East Dulwich on the side. It is south east London at its finest and now the Overground connects us to the tube, it is becoming more talked about.

I am an aunt. I love my nephews and nieces who amuse and teach me about the world. They give me hope for the future as they are all bright, polite, interesting and engaging children.

I am also a creative writer and particularly enjoy writing and performing my poetry. I am currently in a wonderful writing group where I get the support and encouragement I need to keep doing it. My writing goal this year is to get some short stories out for publication.

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