I was attuned to Reiki 1 and 2  in London in 2009 by Anthea Durand and I have been practising my healing at reiki shares ever since. My first share was in Bloomsbury in central London and was an evening meet up which was well supported. It was a great share with healing mainly in the chair but sometimes on a couch. Occasionally there would be group healing but mainly we worked in pairs and shared healing that way.

My second share was in Madrid and it was nice to be part of a smaller group meeting in someone's home. Healing was monthly and on a Saturday and it was a very good experience for me. It really helped me through some stressful times and I enjoyed the sessions very much.

Back to London and I was going to an energy and healing meet up group at the Helios Centre for a while when I worked in Judd Street. These sessions were fascinating and I learnt about other healing techniques that I can use with reiki. My confidence as a healer grew during this time.

I have found a new share in south London and visited for the first time last week. Again it was in someone's home so the experience was more intimate. I hope to go back. I have also discovered a group healing event in central London and will be heading there on Friday. We are promised music and ambient lighting so I am not sure how it will be. Reiki is a great gift and I am enjoying the healing journey.

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