Thursday, 28 May 2009

This is Nicolson and he is the resident dog at Sissinghurst who wanders around quite happily and aimlessly, keeping an eye on what the visitors are getting up!

Sissinghurst on a bank holiday Sunday was perfect. I couldn't think of anywhere more English to go to before I move to Spain. We left early and were there for 10am opening and coffee before wandering around the many borders and corners that make up this amazing place. It was my third visit and each time I find more and more to love about it. This time I was really struck by the dazzling colours and textures of the flowers - especially the oriental poppies and the irises. I was drunk on the scent of jasmine and wisteria and happy to be bathing in glorious sunshine while the birds sang to each other and dipped in and out shrubs. I have been looking at a lot of painting recently and thinking about colours and how they were with each other and what effect they have on our moods. What better place to explore this than in a garden? Especially one where every plant has been thought about.

I was with Lynn and Chris and it was their first time and it was good to see it through their eyes. Lynn was soon mentally redesigning her own garden and making plant lists. The tower is always the highlight of my visits. How I would love to spend a few hours in Vita Sackville West's writing room when all the visitors are gone. To sit at her desk with its fresh flowers in a vase and to write something - anything - and soak up the spirit of the place. Instead I have to stare through the bars along with everyone else.


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  2. You have to put a title on the post or it does not show up as an update on other blogs. Work in progress currently shows your blog as updated 6 days ago, the Washing Machine Day. These pics are a little overexposed; I can make them a bit richer if you like.

  3. Knotted, you say? Well you appear to have two profiles. Both with the name DebraLondon. This blog carries two contributors, both DebraLondon. Each profile has a contributor DebraLondon, when you click on it, it goes to the other profile. In each case. One based in London, (hence DebraLONDON?) the other based in Madrid, Spain. Why not change the Madrid, Spain one to DebraSpain? You could sign as one or the other, depending on where you were actually posting from.

  4. Lovely pics, Debra. How nice for me - I spend the Bank Holiday weekend on the coast, but now I feel I've been to Sissinghurst, too. Must go there again soon.


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