Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Getting connected

Looks like a triffid but this is actually part of the Vertical Garden at La CaixaForum
After trying to purchase a new pay as you go phone from the larger stores in Madrid and failing spectacularly, I decided to shop local last night. There is in fact a tiny Vodaphone store in my area and it is a slice of retail heaven. I wandered in at 8.20pm and was out of the door in 20 minutes with the perfect, cheapest little phone. It was exactly 19 euros and it is a Samsung so I can easily navigate it. The Spanish girls in the store were delightful and enjoyed dealing with the English lady! They even gave me a red Vodaphone sock to put my new baby in. So thank you Angelica for being such a star and don't worry, if I have any problems I will be back!

Now I have a Spanish number I can really get started on advertising for private students. This is going to be interesting. I have to get my head round where to promote myself and when and where to hold lessons. I am also actively promoting my publishing skills and I am optimistic that some work will come that way as there must be lots of proof reading required!

It is not easy to stay positive but I keep at it and stay living in the present moment as far as I can. I remind myself that being here is what I have wanted for a long time. I can't explain why Madrid called me and no other city. Something to do with the climate and the people - plus the art and cultural life. It is a great city!


  1. Are you still keeping an eye on your britphone every now and again? If we need to text you is it still viable or is Facebook or email the safest option? I guess there is still hope until you start posting this in Spanish!

  2. Tu nuevo telefono es muy lindo!!

    Tu vas a trabajar pronto. No te preocupe.

  3. Have no fear, I am a two-phone junkie now so text away - however it is an expensive business so FB and email is best.


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