Friday, 3 July 2009

On a night like this...

Kylie plays the Plaza de Toros

This is the view I had of the bull ring as I sat on a bench and listened to Kylie doing a two hour set on a hot Madrid evening. I have to say it was a great experience because it was free, I could have a nice cold beer that cost 47 cents for a can and I could walk five minutes back to where I am staying. It is also cooler to be outside than to sit in my room.

She belted out all the hits and I had a definite tingle when she launched into "I should be so lucky". It was fun watching the Madrilenos of all ages streaming out afterwards. Everyone is so easy going here, though I had to smile at the army of vigilant road sweepers who jumped on any piece of litter they spotted!

They do things differently here and it never ceases to make me smile. In London, a gig like this would be besieged with dodgy t-shirt sellers, hot dog stands and leafleters. All out to take your money! Here they have charming stalls, all selling exactly the same things - water, refrescos, sweets, frutos secos, ice creams, fans and patatas fritas! The same stalls that are there every day that are packed up in white vans that park up outside overnight.


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