Monday, 6 July 2009

Sabbatical update

A tender moment during Gay Pride - I love that fallen angel vibe
I haven't done a sabbatical post for a while so here we go! It is now two months in so that means I have only ten more to go. I started the year with time at home and lots of getting rid of the past and then I came to Madrid. It seems that the theme of moving on from the past is continuing. I had no idea where I would be this time two months ago, though I hoped it would be Madrid. I am still ditching a lot of bad stuff and making room for good things.

I was relieved to do some English classes today as I was worried that I was deluding myself. It was good to get on a bus and get somewhere, get paid and then come back. I will be doing the same again tomorrow and for the next week and a half. I leave at 330pm and get back by 8pm which is perfect for me.

As well as teaching, I have also put a toe in the water of freelance editing and proofreading and have so far had a dubious Saudi enquiry to plagiarise a report (I don't think so!) and an Indian enquiry to copy edit some research for a journal. So this is what they mean by global economies! I plan to do the Indian job as it looks straightforward and in line with other work I have done. I just need to work out what to charge and how they can pay me.

So I am happy to report that I have made a huge step forward this week and feel closer to where I want to be in my life. I know that I want to work flexible hours and use the skills that I have in publishing and teaching. I also want to be where there is sunshine!


  1. Great News! Throw that Tourist hat away now! You are part of the scenery. Rose between your teeth!


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