Sunday, 2 August 2009

Al mal tiempo, buene cara!

The lake next to the Crystal Palace in the Retiro park on a very hot summer's day in July
It's been a while since my last post due to life getting in the way of my time to reflect. However the writing and the photography never stops so here are a few catch up posts to kick off a new month.

August is the month when Madrid is handed over to the tourists. The real Madrid people have headed off for mountains or beach. My favourite cafeteria La Mallorquina is closed for a month and the metro is full of the sounds of Brits on the loose. There is no work now and so apart from my private students I have no teaching to do but lots of time to write and to explore and get ready for the autumn. No teaching means no income however, so I am going to be living on sunshine and iced tap water for a few weeks and picnics in the Retiro.

My friend Yolanda was here for a week and it was good to step back from the stress of trying to do and find work and to have a few days to see the city through tourist eyes. I fell in love with Madrid all over again!

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