Thursday, 24 September 2009

Kreativ award (sic)

Emma has nominated me for a blog award and in return I have to share with you seven things that I like - not people - and nominate four other recipients so here we go!

1. Teaching English

Teaching ticks so many boxes for me. Meeting people, sharing cultural experiences, sharing my love of language, getting out and about and not sitting at a desk all day. Often the classes fly by and I really don't believe it is work!

2. Dim sum

Tapas is great but I really love the ritual of dim sum and the excitement of discovering what is in those little wicker baskets. I like using chopsticks and drinking tea from a never ending teapot (you flip the lid and it gets refilled).

3. Swimming

This summer I have had the pleasure of swimming in Madrid's open air swimming pools. Floating on my back in the middle of an Olmpic size swimming pool surrounded by fir trees with the sun warming my skin is my ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

4. Music and poetry (and singing!)

I love writing and performing poetry. I also love listening to music. If I could write music I would but I can't so I write poems. My perfect night out would be a live music or poetry gig with a chance to dance. I included singing as I love singing in a choir and would love to join another one.

5. Art

The best way to learn about art is to experience it. Madrid has some of the best and I am enjoying discovering Spanish art. I go to the Prado at 6pm and spend two hours studying a painting or two for free and often on my own.

6. Reading
My London book group is one of my proudest achievements - I started it four years ago and it is still going strong. I love reading and being in a book group means I read things I would never choose for myself. I am looking forward to getting a Madrid book group up and running.

7. Sunshine and light

It keeps me happy and sane. Simple. I was diagnosed with SAD in 2004 and ever since I have worked hard to get and keep the sunshine in my life. Whether it is the real thing or a light box, I need that light!

If I wrote this list tomorrow I would probably write seven more things! What about chocolate, markets, cinema, craft making, photography, cooking, travelling, driving, sleeping, laughing, the internet, Facebook, blogging, loving, cats and dogs, Spain and belly dancing? Life is full of so many pleasures!

My four nominations are Em's Blog Sin jamon for her self honesty and humour, Sheila's Me and my freedom pass for her adventures in South East London and beyond, Becky Walsh's Life and spirit blog for her spritual guidance and Jo's Westminster Walks for her journey to becoming a City of Westminster Guide.

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