Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tying the knot

James Loosemore and John Lochland making their commitment at their partnership ceremony on 27 August 2009

The highlight of my summer was the commitment ceremony of my brother John to James, his long term partner. A great occasion, it brought together family and friends from every area of their lives in one of the most beautiful areas of Britain.

The ceremony was held at The Walled Garden in Cowdray which is stunning and exactly the setting that they wanted. I loved watching the children run around and hide behind topiary in secret corners. I loved the fact that the sun shone and the rain stayed away all day. I loved to see everyone dressed up to the nines and all there to share their special day.

The grooms were gorgeous in grey suits and polka dot lavender ties. Lavender was the theme of the day and perfect for a late summer occasion. The reception was held at Duncton Mill which is fabulous with its trout-filled ponds, a Buddha statue for walking meditations in the woods, a swimming pool, lush woodland and green lawns. I was fortunate to stay here for two nights and it was a joy to be with old and new friends in such an inspiring setting. We ate, drank, laughed a lot and danced till the music stopped and the last few standing wandered to our beds.

I wrote a poem as my gift to John and James and was honoured to read it at the end of the ceremony. Readings for same sex partnership ceremonies are few and far between and it was a challenge to write something personal and appropriate for the occasion. I think it was ok.

Tying the knot
for James and John
Life starts as a tender cord of love,
tied to set us free to grow as individuals.
Two life threads who sought each other,
you found strength and purpose as you grew.
Your joint creations over many years
have tightly spliced your lives.
The commitment knot secures the strands,
signifying the depth of your union.


  1. poem quite perfect in its final form.
    it all makes one wish one had some buddy to tie the knot with

  2. I know! Thank you again for your help. I would never have finished it or been happy with it without you.


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