Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tea in Spain

Sheila is impressed by the palms of La mallorquina

There is no kettle in the flat where I am living. This is quite normal in Spain. The kettle is a rare sight and I am still not sure why. I think it is because most people drink coffee and use one of those percolators you put on the hob. Who knows?

If I want to make a cup of tea, I have to boil water in a pan on the stove or use the microwave.

My new method for making tea is:

1. Put water in mug.

2. Place mug in microwave and blast for 2 minutes.

3. Add tea bag to mug.

4. Brew!

5. Check strength of tea and if necessary return mug to microwave.

6. Blast for 30 seconds.

7. Stir and remove tea bag.

8. Add milk if required.

9. Drink but beware of burning lips on the mug.

The microwave is a good way to make camomile tea with honey - just add it at the beginning.
No wonder I like to go to La Mallorquina! [see previous post!]


  1. Ah, the delights of the kettle free kitchen! One thing, did you know you should never boil plain water in a microwave as it makes it much more likely to explode the mug when you open the door. You're meant to put something in the water to soak up some of the energy. In this case, the teabag. Put it in with the cold water and put the whole lot in the microwave. Having seen a cup explode as it was being taken out of a microwave, I don't want it happening to anyone else!

  2. thanks for the warning! I do usually put the teabag though. What a palaver to make a cuppa rosie!

  3. now what should I do with my cuppa soups?


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