Sunday, 20 December 2009

400 golden cages in Lavapies

Iluminacion singular en Lavapies

This is the moment that my moose/reindeer was fastened into the golden birdcage, ready to be hung from wires overhead in Plaza de los Ministriles. It is an art installation that will be in place until Saturday 9 January and is perfect for this multi-cultural area of Madrid. I like the idea of 400 random objects being given as temporary gifts to the area and I look forward to going along to see the final installation with all the cages glittering above us.

It was a great thing to turn up for as there was free chocolate and picatostes for breakfast and a proper brass band to dance to. I did some people watching and more importantly, some dog watching. There were some real personalities today including a pooch wearing a multi-coloured hand knitted patchwork jumper. He was too nippy for me to catch on film however!

I hope my reindeer will be ok in cage number 288. It's going to be -10 degrees some nights. Oh deer!

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