Monday, 7 December 2009

My poor neglected blog ...

Orange trees "found" in the garden of casa Lope de Vega (a Spanish playwright from the Golden Age)

So what happened in November? I wonder? I think working was taking priority. The constant scrabble to find and keep hold of teaching was taking its toll last month and I simply didn't have time to blog. Now I am feeling guilty and will try and catch up with news and views! First, teaching. I am not cut out for this freelance teaching lifestyle. I have classes with three different companies now and a range of private students. I have interviewed with a whole lot of other companies who all have me on their books and I have had classes with plenty of students who fell by the wayside for various reasons. If I could work all the hours I expect, I could pay my way but it never happens. So I have days when I have to choose between buying shampoo or a bag of vegetables. I have extended my rice and pasta repertoire and I never eat out now unless it is tapas or a breakfast snack. The days of even a menu de dia are long gone.

I had a SAD manic episode a few weeks ago and ended up back in London for twenty-four hours and was interviewed for a job I didn't actually want but thought it was the answer to my problems. It wasn't. I am happy to be here and I am staying here as long as I can - at least until May 2010. I will be very poor when I return to London but I will be a different person - I am already!

It is now December and in 14 days time it will be the winter solstice. I am flying back to London that evening and will raise a cava to the skies and celebrate. I am looking forward to time with my family and I am looking forward to experiencing the winter snows here and then the bursting of spring.

The good thing about being here is the sunshine. On a crisp cold day, the sun will often be shining bravely and I am bathed in golden light. It may be frio but my heart is calor!

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