Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tate Modern

View from the members' room balcony Sunday 31 October 2010

This is so London in autumn! Wet and grey and everyone seems to be wearing black or shades of. I met my friend C. for a visit to the latest blockbuster exhibition at Tate Modern which was Gauguin and it was the perfect tonic for my post-op blues. The exhibition is worth a visit and I especially enjoyed seeing his still life works from his early career and learning more about an artist that I have mixed feelings about. We had a late lunch and a one-for-the-road glass of vino before heading off to start another week. 

Sadly the big installation by Ai Weiwei in the Turbine Hall had to be closed and it is dispiriting to see billions of tiny hand crafted porcelain sunflowers just lying there. No one thought about what would happen when hundreds of people rolled and ran around on this china beach. Hard to believe. The dust clouds proved too hazardous and so the fun was halted. The seeds are going to lie there until May 2011. Seems a shame. 

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