Thursday, 27 January 2011

A random act of kindness

Balloons on the Hammersmith and City Line, London

It was a grey Saturday in January and we were battling with the usual problem of trying to go somewhere by tube on a Saturday. There were engineering works on some lines and there was a strike on the Bakerloo Line. We needed to be in Maida Vale and it was turning into an epic trek from south east London to  the north west. Three adults, one toddler and a buggy were on a mission.

Eventually we boarded the final carriage on a Hammersmith and City line train and were delighted to discover it was all done up for a party. There were balloon animals strap hanging from the rails and heart shaped balloons were bobbing in front of our eyes. The toddler giggled and raised his hands out in gleeful expectation. The adults smiled and took photos. How did they get there? Why were they there? Who knows. I do know that this random act of kindness made up for a lot that day. It reminded me that it is the small things in life that often make it all worthwhile.

So, what random act of kindness will you do today?  

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  1. I wonder if the person who did this knows how many people's day he/she improved. What a great thing to do!


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