Monday, 27 June 2011

Water pistols at dawn!

On the hottest day of the year - so far - I almost lost it today. Most of the time I put up with all the little niggly things in life and shrug them off but today was hard work. Then I thought, what if I got myself a big fat water pistol and used it. That woman who drove past me with a mobile clamped to her ear would be the first to get it! The young man standing next to me who thought it was ok to spit at my feet was going to be second. Then there were the schoolboys on the bus who couldn't communicate without shouting at each other who were doing my head in. I imagined how it would feel to take a water pistol out of my bag and give them all a good soaking. If I didn't get arrested for having an imitation fire arm I am sure there would be some other offence the Police would soon do me for. In the mean time if anyone wants a water fight I'll meet you at Peckham Common at dawn! May the best squirter win!

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