Sunday, 18 March 2012

Winter walking

A winter walk in the Walworth Road

I am always looking for interesting, cheap or even better, free things to do in the SE area at the weekend. I picked up a leaflet for the Growing communities Winter Walk, culinary workshops and events leaflet from the local library and decided to give it a go. The "walk" kicked off at the beautiful venue of the in-spire cafe in St Peter's church which is a place I am very attached to after my time as a creative writer in the Cryptwriters writing group a few years ago. 

We were given  winter drinks of non alcoholic mulled wine and spicy ginger beer as we learned more about some of the inspiring community projects. Warmed to the core, we set off for an amble around the church gardens and across the busy road to look at some community planting and allotments where bee hives were in evidence.

 The monkey garden at in spire are beautiful at all times of the year and in all weathers!

 we found palm trees, bee hives and wonderful homemade hummus and chutney along the way ...


  1. I love the label on that chutney. Pity it's past its consume-by-date! Is that Sheila with the brolly?

  2. indeed it is! The chutney was of the "make and eat immediately" variety and not for keeping! Very yummy it was too!

  3. Was that something like an Australian or New Zealand memorial garden because the ferns and gum trees featured in your photos are the same ones that grow here in New Zealand. How fascinating to see these 'natives' in a place in England.

  4. Hi Giselle. Not at all. These beauties are actually in someone's garden in a back street of south east London! They are amazing.


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