Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter time...

I fell in love with this box of chicks in Poundland. They do make me smile and were a great way to decorate the cookies I made for friends. I have given up eating chocolate, biscuits and cakes as part of my recovery programme so I am keen to get some of the sugar that is so addictive out of my flat. Hence the cookies!

I made a basic shortbread mix from 2oz of sugar, 4oz of butter and 6oz of plain flour and a bit of love. It is one of those recipes that works every time and I was very happy with the bunnies and chicks I made. I had some cute cutters and enjoyed cutting them out and baking them at 150 degrees in my oven. I still have a few left so I hope to see people tomorrow who would like them. Happy Easter, chicks!

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