Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It's Purim today

Thanks to my colleague R, we had purim cookies today which are delicious and surely have no calories. They are only available in this one week of the year and I won't be around next year so that is that!

Reality of going is sinking in a little more. I managed to sell some books and cds yesterday which is another £50 towards my moving on fund. I decided that I must not call it an escape fund as that is not what I am doing. I am definitely moving on and heading for adventures and new perspectives on life and the world. Recent family events have made me even more determined to get out and to "not fold away my dreams" again.

So I am now collecting tips and advice for moving to Spain. Like what do I need to take? Apart from as little as possible of course. I really want a netbook and an ipod and I reckon that would cover most bases. And can I listen to the Archers in Spain?


  1. Deborah, I managed to listen to The Archers in China, so yes!

    Your preparations remind me of how excited I felt when I went to teach in Singapore in 1990. I think the range of goods and services will be even better in Spain than here.

    How's your Spanish?

    I applied through Vaughan Town to do some short-term teaching (say two-three months) but I didn't get a reply. Mind you, I am a little old in the tooth at 65, so the alternative might be just to try to go for long winter holidays.


  2. I recommend talking to Ian about teaching for Vaughan as he will do the interview and recruitment.

    My Spanish is very basic and I am really looking forward to improving when I get out there. A lot of people seem to survive without it but I can't bear being in places where I have no idea what people are talking about! Plus it gets a bit lonely!

    I am sorry I didnt get to the event on Friday as I am keen to meet you. However as we are such near neighbours how about meeting up? I am in Nunhead and I know you are in Lewisham. How about a coffee some time?


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