Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's St Patricks Day - isn't it?

Why is it that these special days have become week-long events? Bonfire night, Paddys Day, Halloween for example used to happen on their designated days and that was that! Not any more. And while I am on the subject, who said St Valentines Day could be hijacked my couples. It is meant to be for single folk and secret admirers. Bah humbug (I am not going to mention the Christmas festival, new year and that new phenomena the Twixt Festival).

The last week has been a blur of writing, working and planning for my move. Not getting very far with the last bit so maybe that should be panicking. Oh and dealing with the nightmare of the dripping radiator that suddenly flooded my flat. It was completely rusted up apparently and had been slowly dripping for a while. Now this is strange as the radiator is only five years old. So that's another unplanned expense to deal with.

Despite deciding to not let my flat, I have had a couple of interested parties for renting. Makes more financial sense so I am seriously considering this now. Money is a worry as ever. Plus it would be better to have someone living here - the radiator incident has brought this home to me.

Well the days are getting longer, the sun has been shining and Easter is on the horizon (in the proper month this year ie April!)

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