Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Public appearances!

I meant to say that I have appeared as a film extra again. this time for a short film called Tears. I was at a funeral in Ladywell cemetery on Saturday where a fake vicar blessed an empty coffin and we all looked sad and tearful - especially the actress with the fake baby bump! The scene was repeated at least five times - I lost count. It was interesting to do as the weather was gorgeous and my brother was directing so it was lovely to see him and various other family members in action. For more info see www.bigdipperfilmcompany.co.uk and for a write up by David (writer friend) go to www.cryptwriters.info

My other public appearance will be on Saturday. I am appearing at the Poetry Cafe as part of the Shuffle poetry night. I will be reading a few of my poems (about five minutes) and will be appearing alongside some professional poets. Gulp! Come on down if you can - it kicks off at 7pm and I bet I am on at the beginning. Now what shall I wear? How will I introduce myself? No panic! Actually looking forward to it as it is a great feeling to perform my own words and get feedback.

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