Monday, 11 May 2009

sabbatical monday

It's the first day of my sabbatical and my first day of no office and no tea rounds and no commuting! Felt a bit lost first thing and weary after the last few weeks of saying goodbye to people and starting the letting go of London process. I gave myself one task to do today and was determined to do it whatever! So at 330 I was in Dulwich hospital having some blood taken. Nice to be able to go at a time that suits me and not have the hassle of having to make up the time or try and do it when everyone else is there too! So that is one big tick for today! Task done! I thne went shopping in Somerfield and had to laugh when a blind man asked my help with finding the bread. He must have thought it was his birthday and christmas all rolled in one when I offered to help him with his shopping. There followed a crazy game of me running off to find milk, cheese and baps for him! Yes, baps! A northern word for bread rolls. He was so grateful and wanted to buy me something for my time. I felt even more lost as I realised that helping blind people is what I do but not any more.

Now that I am on sabbatical (OS) I will be writing more regularly as I will have so much more to talk about - especially when I get to Madrid. I meant to write about the poetry performance which was amazing. However the best way to find out about it is to go to the website at and see the photos and words of David Canning. I had such a special time as so many friends came to support me and to hear me speak my words. They were all genuine in their praise and affection and just as good was their pleasure at attending a poetry event and realising what fun they can be. I have plenty of time to do lots of writing over the next few weeks and I am looking forward to finishing off some work and doing some new pieces. I have been exposed to so much creative work recently that has triggered lots of ideas. I have also been taking a lot of photos which I will start to add to this blog.

A funny thing happened today. I found my old blog that I lost! I don't know what to do with it now I have found it. Poor neglected old thing with only four posts. Hardly had a chance to live did it.

Art is on my mind because I spent yesterday at the open studios of my artist friend Tescoman. It was a really good experience and I learnt more about his art simply by being in his work space and asking lots of questions. I love the way that he works with bright colour and I really like the optimism of his work. He deserves to have more success as he is creating pieces that are marketable if he can reach the right audience ie music people. We went for mezze and he couldnt stop talking and I understood why. I was just the same after my performance. The adrenalin of performance or exhibition is good. We had a really interesting discussion about music and how when I hear music, I definitely hear it in a circular form - as in a needle in a record's groove, a CD spinning or a tape looping. I wonder if an mp3 track loops? When he paints circles of colour that spin like discs, it makes sense. Hypnotic glorious colour that bounces and shines and gives energy.


  1. Enjoyed this very much, Debra. Looking forward to your Madrid blog if it's going to be as beautifully detailed as this. Sorry I missed the reading.


  2. Thanks, Sheila. I have a date now! So better do today's update.


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