Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday news

Time is flying by now and I only have 12 working days to go. Very excited about moving on to next stage in my life journey.

Well I am now a fully fledged Reiki healer and it is really exciting. I love giving and receiving healing and it is definitely helping me. That and the sunshine and the prospect of travels to come.

Went to a Vaughantown meet up last night at Camino which is the bar where i am going to have my leaving drinks. It is Spanish and it is local and it serves great wines and tapas. What more do I need? Leaving drinks are 7 May from 5.30 and final day is Friday 8 May. After that - who knows at this stage but I have plenty to do before I go.

Some lovely things are happening to me and I would like to think it's the reiki effect but maybe that is being too optimistic. More news when I have it on that front! Meanwhile I take each day at a time and it is good right now. Hasta luego!

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