Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Not Tuesday but might as well be!

I now have 20 working days at RNIB. That is a sobering thought. Not sure if counting down the days is a good or a bad thing , especially as I am having a re-think about what to do when I finish here. I have someone to live in my flat so that is good news! I don't have good vibes about going to Spain in June however. I never meant to go so late in the academic year and I know that August is going to be impossible for work so maybe I need to do something else for a few months? If you are reading this Emma, give me your thoughts!

In the mean time, I have been to a reiki share which was an amazing experience. I am so new to all this and I really need to get as much practice as I can so that I can develop my own way of giving healing. It was a small group and a really good thing to do on a Sunday evening. We each had five minutes of group healing and i really liked the feeling of all that energy from all those hands. I am off to another session tonight so this is definitely becoming addictive. I feel that reiki is such a logical extension of my meditation practice and my natural empathy skills. I believe that I can help friends and family in times of stress and most importantly, I can really help myself.

It's been a quieter week on the writing front but I have a good topic for the next session. I have to write a "one sentence" poem ie a stream of consciousness with no punctuation. I think one of my internal - or should that be infernal monologues - is the way to go! If I like it, I will post it here.

My beautiful Bobbins bike is up for sale on Gumtree and the East Dulwich forum and will be good to see it go to a new home. It is a traditional Dutch style bike with a basket and I love it but need the money. Any takers?

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