Friday, 15 May 2009

Sabbatical Friday

Today's image is from my "shop window" collection, Whitechapel. The hand belongs to Nick and this was just before we almost got caught up in what felt like a scene from a movie or The Bill. A guy was running full pelt at us and shouting "call the the police ... they are going to kill me." And true enough there was a group of mean looking guys coming after him in hoodies. Now I was all set to call the police - of course - but Nick said no and just at that moment a police car appeared around the corner and the group immediately broke up and started to saunter back the way they came. A typical Sunday afternoon in east London I guess.

Blimey it has been a week since I drank cava and ate cake to say goodbye to my colleagues.

I feel I should have done a lot more than I have. Too distracted by shopping online [or rather "window" shopping if that is the right term for browsing on line and not actually spending money] and writing poetry. Next week there will be serious work done I promise. I have a flat to clear.

Ebay here I come ...

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