Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sabbatical week two begins

Another shop window photo. A tiny tribute to Dita Von Teese and her appearance in Eurovision 2009.
Eurovision was a highlight of last weekend - viewed with John and James and such fun with gladiatorial style judging. Talking of gladiators, those Ukrainian backing dancers were a sight to behold! For the first time in a long time, I felt the time investment in watching was merited. I wanted to root for Spain of course but I am afraid it was Estonia who won my vote. We were never going to win it but it was good to think we might have had a chance.
Not having a television my viewing is random and highly selective. I rely on iplayer and that is how I caught up on four weeks of The Apprentice last week and also watched some really good poetry programmes. The thirty years of Poetry Please programme was so good to watch last night after listening to the weekly radio broadcast. It was fascinating to see the love and commitment that goes into this gem of a programme. Now if I was paying for a tv licence I would be happy to know that a few pence of it was going to support this and the other radio programmes that I like. Talking of which, yes I do listen to the Archers avidly and I am proud of it!
So it is the second week of the sabbatical and I will be getting a lot of tasks done this week. I do still feel like I am on holiday but that will not last much longer. Tomorrow night I will be at the regular meet up for Vaughantown volunteers which I always enjoy. It is good to network with people!
And the best news is that I have finally ordered the net book so this blog will be more alive and kicking that it has been!

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