Wednesday, 13 May 2009

sabbatical wednesday

Will be adding a daily picture from today. This is from the slow food market at the south bank on Monday 4 May 2009. Bought some but Nick took it back to Cornwall in his rucksack.

I went for a south indian veggie curry in Drummond Street with Madeleine, Hugh, Margaret, Chris, Bim, Henny and Chris and it was good to be with a group of people who are more detached from RNIB - as I am now! Great food and chat. I love places where the word meat is meaningless and the people are so courteous.

At last I have a date to work to for Spain as my training starts on Monday 15 June and it is the week I hoped it would be. So that is 30 days to go until flying date as I plan to go out on 12 June. Now the real work starts at home as I have so much stuff I need to get rid of. I need to raise money to pay for a new lapbook as the one I have now is not going to be good enough for Spain. I need more battery life and more memory and less weight (hmm am I talking about me or my lap top?)

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