Thursday, 21 May 2009

Spring comes to London

These guys were sunbathing from office windows in Covent Garden on the first decent day of spring. I had to laugh at their "bare backed cheek"!

It is Thursday and the sun is shining in Nunhead today. Highlight of this week was the Chinese Masterchef event on Tuesday at Westminster Kingsway college near Victoria. I went with a group of other folk who are not working at the moment and we were all there because it was free! Cups of proper Chinese tea, dim sum, the lunchtime buffet, a Chinese neck massage and a large bottle of soy sauce. All free! We were entertained with martial arts demonstrations (that so nearly become marital arts), a tea ceremony and the most wonderful Lion dance. The masterchef dishes were presented to us for appraisal and what chefs can do with a the same ingredients never ceases to amaze me. There were four entrants and each one had their own distinctive style. I think I liked number 2 best as it was all so fresh and appetising in appearance. Number 3 and 4 looked more traditional and hearty and number 1 was more minimalist and clever. It was number 1 who won and the chefs were suitably surprised - so much so that they were not in the room for the announcement!I was hoping to be able to put a link here for the event but amazingly, there is no information whatsoever on the event. I can't believe that a college can go to all that effort and not capitalise on the results. So, I will have to put some of my own photos here. I am afraid I can't tell you anything much about what the food is and who the winners were!If I don't make it in Spain, China is my next destination choice as I have already spent some time there teaching English and it would be wonderful to go back.

The winning starter - a dish made from lobster. Apparently the ball is a deep fried egg yolk.

The Chinese Masterchef - still in his apron and without his white pointy hat!


  1. Marital Arts? Might go well with pawn cocktail.

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