Friday, 12 June 2009

Cafe culture

This is a view from one of the nicest of the many East Dulwich cafes called Le Chandelier. It was a glorious day and the tea was in a pot, the cake was yummy and the company was perfect.
So my five weeks in transit are coming to an end and it is time to review and reflect a little. I have really enjoyed having time to reconnect with the area I live in and also to get to know some local friends a little better. One of the joys of where I live is the vast number of cafes and bars of all description. If I was staying around I was thinking of reviewing each and every one of us so it is just as well I am off to Madrid on Saturday.
My favourite local establishments at the moment are:
1. Le Chandelier for its pots of speciality teas and its eclectic and refreshing decor
2. Green and Blue for its delicious wines and tasty platters
3. The Old Nun's Head for its proximity to home and for its first rate puy lentil and mushroom lasagne
4. The corner caff in Nunhead for its great scrambled egg on toast and mugs of builders tea
5. Constance's coffee shop in the Indoor Warehouse for more tasty cake and proper tea in a cup and saucer.
And then there is the chocolatier in Bellenden Road and the cafe in Peckham Park and well, I could go on. I am going to miss this aspect of London life but it will be more than compensated by the tapas bars of Madrid.
I am flying on Saturday morning and have almost packed. I have somewhere to live for at least two weeks and I am really looking forward to going now. I can never thank my friends enough for all the love and support and words of encouragement I have had over the last few weeks.


  1. Well, there are plenty of bars and cafes here for you to review! :-)

  2. Debra, so pleased everything is coming together for you. You've been so patient and cheerful during the wait. Thanks for the tip-offs about these great places. Bon Voyage!

  3. Fare thee well. Vaya con dios. Hasta la vista.

  4. Em - the cafe reviews are coming and I seem to have a photo of you to start them off! Sheila - thank you! David - hasta luego!


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