Saturday, 13 June 2009


Seemed appropriate to start my Madrid adventure with a shot of the nearest landmark to where I am staying for the first two weeks and it is the Bull Ring.
A more topical landmark is the stadium for Real Madrid which is right by where I am going to be doing my training next week and apparently where Ronaldo is signing his contract this weekend. So that is two of us arriving for new adventures in Spain from the UK. I just wish I had a few of his millions!
I arrived in Madrid at around 2pm local time after a delayed take off from Gatwick. Despite this, it was a good journey apart from the usual check in headaches with luggage which i am not going to bore my blog with suffice to say that I never get it right! The new bag purchased at the airport for repacking may be cabin friendly but as it has no wheels it is not Debbie-friendly!
It is very hot here. It is only June and already 35 degrees. Tomorrow's priorities include purchase of hat, sun cream, mozzie stuff and food for the week. It will be good to be able to make my own food while training as I want as much time to do homework and preparation as I can get. I am really looking forward to getting on with it now and getting back to work! It was great to have time off and to take a rest and sort out stuff in London but I was definitely getting cabin fever.
I also look forward to writing about my time in Spain during the rest of the year and yes, the big adventure has finally begun.


  1. Well done, Debbie. This is great to be able to follow your progress.

  2. It's good to have you here at last! Your first day turned out somewhat like mine - lots of beer and wondering where the kettle is. Though I don't recall being barred from the Bull Ring when I first arrived!!

  3. great you got there, sounds like you landed on your feet. I look forward to reading your progress, love from cool peckham


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