Thursday, 25 June 2009

Job searching in Madrid

I have polished up my CV and sent it out to some prospective employers. This is the worst bit - the waiting to hear! The great thing about job hunting these days is that it is so instant with the internet. I have not had to search for work for quite a while so I do feel a little rusty. It is tough out there and there are not so many opportunities as there would usually be - due to the recession. However I am here and I am ready to get going immediately so that has to be a plus.

When I planned my career break, I did factor in that I would probably need to do this since my first option was risky. I need to be taking risks and that is certainly happening! I could be without a home and a job in the next week as someone is coming to look at the room I am staying in. Fortunately there are short let opportunities in the city as lots of people head home in the summer and want to keep their flats on so Ican try a few of those.

This was a serious update to reflect where I am right now. Apprehensive and still optimistic. After all I have only actually been here for 12 days! That's less than a normal holiday.

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