Friday, 26 June 2009

Spanish ways ... part 1

Every day there is something new to learn about living here in Madrid. Often it is the smallest things that amuse me. Like yesterday, when I went to an ATM and was asked to input my secret number. Then before the machine gave me my money, it asked me to look around and check that no one was watching or waiting to rob me and asked me to put my secret number in again! Brilliant!

I also discovered yesterday that the kettle I have been using is rusted up inside and so I am now also rusting inside. I am forced to do the Spanish thing when making tea which is either to microwave some water or put an enamel pan on the stove. Either way is hazardous. As is making toast with a Spanish toaster. This is my favourite form of punishment. Imagine a toaster without the plastic casing and with arms that spring back to hold the bread. It is great for watching what happens to your toast so you get it spot on but not so good for your fingers when you grab it to stop it burning. Which can happen when you are wrestling with your pan of boiling water to make tea.

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  1. I love the fact that they give you the safety warning at the ATM yet, because you have a foreign card, make you put your PIN in about 3 times, giving people 3 more chances to glance over your shoulder and watch!!

    Give up with the toaster - they're deathtraps. I saw your kitchen - there's a rarity - a perfectly good electric oven. Which means there's a grill. Grill + bread = toast. Jobhunting with no fingers won't be fun!

    And nothing hazardous about doing tea in the microwave as long as you put the teabag in the water at the start. It's only dangerous to simply boil plain water in there.

    Kitchen lesson over! As you say, there's always something new and amusing to notice here!


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