Saturday, 27 June 2009

Rodents and feng shui

My tenant has done a great job with applying feng shui principles to my flat. There is a wind chime in the corner, my wooden Buddha was moved to the kitchen area and he has convinced me to sell my metal bed and replace it with a wooden one. However it seems that the creatures that have been known to in inhabit the space under my floor are not impressed. Not that they should be there of course! It seems that they have moved back and are having a great time squealing and playing around and keeping him awake at all hours of the night. Great! What feng shui principle are they working to? And which corner are they residing in - can't be wealth or happiness. Something to do with fertility I reckon. Whatever it is their days are numbered. Out damned rats, out I say!

Meanwhile it is nearly 2pm in Madrid and it is of course sunny! I am trying to decide where to go today. I am seriously considering a tour of the Bull Ring exhibition as I am intrigued by the culture of bull fighting even though I abhor it and would never go to one. It is just that it is literally a 5-minute walk from where I am staying and is the most amazing building from an architectural point of view. They have concerts there as well as the bull fighting and some kind of Spanish crooner was performing last night as I came home.

I am going to hang around outside when Kylie is playing there on 2 July just because I can!


  1. In my guise as defender of all things four-legged, I would just like to say that actually the rats have come back because your flat is now a haven of tolerance, welcoming all varieties of life. They have been drawn by the feng shui ness of it!

  2. What quirky tenants - all of them. I think you are very tolerant. We had scamperings overhead which I think are squirrels in the roof-space. Are you sure yours are rats?



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