Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chocolateria at Marques de Vadillo on an evening in January

I must be the biggest fan of these places which are on street corners all over Madrid. If I could take one of these back to London with me I would! Chocolate and poros or churros is the perfect solution for meriendas on chilly winter's days. I never understood the desire for mixing hot sweet chocolate with greasy fried batter until winter came. I was a typical tourist and tried it because it was the done thing. Now I am converted! Cheap and cheerful, these snacks really hit the spot when you are freezing! I love the way that people from all ages and class partake of them - witness these well heeled ladies in their fur coats. I love the alchemy of the transformation of the batter in a cloud of steam to golden puffs of goodness. Miraculous! There is an art to eating them by the way. Nothing complicated, you simply dunk and eat. No breaking off bits to dip elegantly. It doesn't work! You will end up with chocolate on your chin and greasy fingers. Trust me!

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  1. Ah, yes, chocolate and churros should be done more often!

    Interesting use of the word "goodness" though. Really not sure where churros comes on the nutritional scale!!! ;-)


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