Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Chinese New Year in Madrid part 2

A tiger in Alamudena Cementario

A return visit to the cemetery with M who was keen to experience this amazing place. It was Chinese New Year - Sunday 14 February - and with tigers on my mind, I soon spotted this beautiful cat basking in the late afternoon winter sun. He was one of several wild cats that were running around the ancient gravestones and making us feel like we were intruding on proceedings.

This time I caught the cemetery bus from my street and it was worth the ride -though the bus driver was perturbed that we didn't want to get off at the final stop but wanted to stay on board. 

We spent a couple of hours walking around and I revisited some of the places I found on my first trip. As dusk fell we were rewarded with some stunning skies and some great photographs.

A short bus ride and I was soon defrosting at one of my favourite chocolaterias -  in Manuel Becerra. This is when chocolate and poros or churros makes total sense. I was cold and hungry and it was definitely time for merienda!

From here it was a metro ride to Plaza Espana to catch the end of the Chinese exhibition before we went downstairs to the cafeteria that I had read about but never been to. It is a great place, serving authentic Chinese food from a short menu. We had some delicious won ton soup, stir fried greens, dumplings and noodles (traditional at New Year for long life). There is an excellent Chinese foodstore next door so I stocked up on some noodles and soy sauce and will be back soon for their tofu and dumplings. It was great to be able to spend New Year with a Chinese friend and to eat so authentically. Perfect end to a great weekend!

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