Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Back in London ..

Sunday afternoon in Peckham

Now that I am back in London, I find myself looking for images that sum up my life here and how it compares and contrasts to life in Madrid.

My first week back, the sun shone and the temperatures were definitely Spanish. The weekend was taken up with a picnic in the Horniman museum gardens with friends and their new family additions plus a visit to Lordship Lane's quirky shops and a practical trip to Peckham's pound shops and Clarks' Factory shoe shop with my friend Jane.

Times are hard and it shows. Every shop is working hard to get in customers. There are offers and discounts wherever I go and yes, it is much cheaper here than Madrid now that the Euro has fallen so low.

It was strange to go back to my old job and I was glad to find things had changed and I was sitting in a different desk and was going to be working on different projects. After months of talking for a living, it was time to go back to writing and editing and I found myself immersed in jargon and "brand speak" all over again. Whatever ever happened to plain English?

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