Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The wheel of fortune keeps spinning - La Ruleta

A nice bar to reflect in

My last day in Madrid involved a lot of running around from one academy to another to collect payments and drop off text books and CDs. It was a sunny day - the first for at least ten days! At 4pm I met my economist and fellow teacher Carlos for a coffee and catch up chat in La Ruleta in Calle Velazquez and we reflected together on what an amazing experience I have had in Madrid.

I came to the city not knowing if I would be able to make a living from teaching English. I left it sure in the knowledge that not only can I teach English but I love it. People keep asking me where I have taught and who I have taught. My standard answer is "anyone who would pay me" which is pretty much the case. I have taught all ages and in all sorts of places. From company boardrooms to purpose built classrooms, children's bedrooms to cafes and bars. I have made some great friends and I left Madrid with a pocketful of business cards, a few more Facebook friends and some great memories. I have also improved my English grammar and my conversation skills and have a topic for every occasion. I hope it won't be too long before I am back but in the mean time I have to return to London and my publishing job for RNIB. I will continue to blog as I work on my master plan to learn Spanish and get the hell back to Madrid as soon as I can.

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