Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Goodbye St Pancras...

One of the restored columns of St Pancras hotel

After almost ten years I left my publishing job. It was a week of mixed emotions as I said goodbye to some of the best friends and colleagues I have ever had. It was good to reflect, but not to dwell, and to finally let go as I headed off to prepare to teach full-time in Madrid.

So... no more commuting! I have had a week of not having to get up and get on a train. I missed the Monday tube strike that brought misery to those who had little choice but to walk or wait for overcrowded buses.

I have missed reading the Metro every day (no horoscopes, no cartoons, no funny readers' letters and comments). I have missed my morning flat white from the lovely guys at the Peyton & Byrne coffee stall on the corner of the British Library ( I have one stamp to go on my loyalty card too!).

I also missed the lunch hours spent with friends in cafes around St Pancras or with Ana, practising my Spanish conversation.

I am going to miss being part of an organisation that does amazing work to support people who live with sight loss. Times are tough for charities and the need for their services is growing all the time. I hope that it won't be long before things get better.

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