Monday, 20 September 2010

All aboard the rootmaster bus

Checking out the vegan options in Brick Lane

My two-year-old nephew was very excited at this! A big red bus that also serves food. What was not to like? We were soon happily ensconced on bouncy cushions around a table that seated ten people and he was tucking into potato wedges and juice while his dad and I had a sneaky Saturday afternoon glass of rose.

Vegan food can be a bit hit and miss but this was one of those occasions that ticked the taste boxes. I had a great Thai-style curry and my nephew had his first taste of tofu. The highlight though was using the winding handles to lower the window on the top deck. Worth every penny just for that simple pleasure. I liked the RootMaster "bustaurant".

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  1. I read about this on one of the many vegetarian websites I belong to. Sounds great! Great niche in the market that someone's filled there!


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