Saturday, 20 November 2010

Pie and mash

Peckham blues

It was Monday and I had the blues. Big time. I realise now, with the benefit of hindsight, that I was experiencing SAD blues and they were taking their toll. Within an hour I had my suitcase packed and was on my way south west in search of light and laughter with a visit to my oldest mate who lives in Cornwall.

Stopping off at the library in Peckham en route for the station, I needed tea and lunch before the long journey so I popped into the nearby pie and mash shop. This is a first. Years of living in Peckham and it is only now that I have ventured into this world famous emporium.

It did the trick... classic comfort food... and set me up for my journey to the home of  the Cornish pasty. I dutifully tucked into a pasty on Tuesday after a walk on the beach at Portleven and sorry Mr Manze, the Cornish version was best.  SAD means carb cravings. Pies and potatoes hit the spot! Hopefully I will be back on form soon.

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