Friday, 20 March 2009

Writing ...

I have been in a writing group since September 2008 and I really look forward to our Thursday evening meet ups. I wrote a lot about five years ago when I took a certificate in creative writing at Birkbeck and other writing courses and summer schools. Then when I got ill, I lost the ability and my creative voice. I was so frustrated and angry when I found that all I could do was journal every day or write cliched and tired material - well I thought so! But since my Seasonal Affective Disorder diagnosis and my treatment with lights and CBT, I have rediscovered my voice and the group has been a brilliant place to get inspired and creative all over again.

In fact I have never felt happier about my writing as I have a body of work to draw on already and have been adding to it with new poems and some work in progress monologues. The group is reading some work on Monday 30 March in the evening in the crypt of St Peter's Church in the Walworth Road so if you are reading this and feel inclined, do come along and support me. Free admission and the church was designed by Sir John Soane. There will be cake and wine too. Check out our website at for more info.

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