Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday again!

See what I mean! Well it's been an interesting week and I have made progress in some areas of my life.

Firstly, I have now done stage one of a Reiki healing course. Thanks to the synchronicity of meeting Anthea and then discovering she lived around the corner from me! It was quite an experience and a really good day of chatting and reflecting on my spiritual journey so far. I am pleased to report that I now officially have "hot healing hands" and I need to use them!! The next stage of the process is 21 days of self healing and then I get to do stage 2. I can honestly say that I am feeling the benefits of Reiki already - having had treatments from my friend Sarah before. And I was duly impressed when Anthea healed the pain in my shoulder on Saturday so my natural cynicism is being broken down.

Secondly my writing group performed last night and I really enjoyed reading my work to an audience who may have been small in number but were certainly huge in appreciation. Cakes and wine were shared and we all bonded over the microphone in our lovely crypt. My next gig is Saturday 25 April at The Poetry Cafe and I am really looking forward to it now.

Otherwise it has been a time of more clearing out and I managed to get rid of a few books this weekend at a book crossing meet up in Kent. Sunday was a lovely sunny spring-like day but freezing. I was glad to be in a cosy pub with a non-meat roast lunch and some good company. If you don't know about book crossing, check it out at www.bookcrossing.com

So, only five more weeks at work and hopefully I will soon have a training date for Spain as I am keen to move to the next stage of planning/sorting and maybe even packing. Hasta luego!

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