Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day 2 of training

Yesterday was a half day in class and I had lots of time - or so it seemed to do homework and prepare some lesson plans. This morning I learnt how to do better lesson plans and this afternoon I taught them for the very first time. I had four classes which were all very different and I learnt so much in just one day. Now I have to prepare to do it all again tomorrow with more students.

I was painfully aware of my mistakes and I was frustrated by them too but I did enjoy the teaching and I hope that the students learnt something from me today. How did the word docket come up though? Which of course led to rocket and then locket and so on.

I am starting to learn what common problems Spanish people expereince - which I should remember from doing those Vaughantown weeks. Lots of problems with sh and th sounds and especially saying "Spanish". Today we also had massage! Though not literally sadly as that is what I need right now.

Weather not so good today as we had a little rain but nothing like the UK. It is still hot and I love where I am training. It's a really nice shopping centre called La Moda and there is free wi-fi. Perfecto!


  1. Woo hoo - day 2 completed. Glad you're enjoying it. The "sh" sound thing will either frustrate you beyond belief or amuse you. I can't decide where I stand on it at the moment!
    Keep it up, girl. One of us should finish the course! ;-)

  2. Am wondering if distant massage is viable... I send you one just in case it is.

  3. Great progress, Debbie. Don't worry too much about mistakes - I was still making plenty after thirty years!



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